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We are located across
from Walmart in the

Quil Ceda Retail Center:

8825 34th Ave. NE, Suite A

Tulalip, WA 98271


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Express Flu Shot Service

Flu shots are now available at the Tulalip Clinical Pharmacy without an appointment. To avoid long wait during the flu season, you can also opt for the express flu shot service by scheduling your flu shot and completing the required administration form online. All the processing and preparation will be done ahead of time before your arrival.

Click here to schedule your COVID-19 and flu appointments.

Did you know that you never outgrow the need to be immunized? It’s true. While we outgrow our need for some childhood vaccines, adults need immunizations too. Which vaccines you need depends on many factors: your age, your health concerns, your occupation, and with whom you live or spend time.

At the Tulalip Clinical Pharmacy, our pharmacists are trained and certified to give immunizations of all types. You do not need an appointment for most routine immunizations. For faster service, stop by during non-peak hours from 9:00 – 11:00 AM and from 2:00 – 4:30 PM.

Are you planning on a trip overseas? Schedule an appointment with one of our clinical pharmacists to receive all required vaccinations and personalized trip consultation. Travel vaccination record and certificate required for entry by some countries will also be provided. You can get more information about travel immunizations on our Travel Clinic page.

Wondering what kind of vaccinations you need? Don’t worry. Our computers have a bi-directional communication link with the state immunization registry and can retrieve your immunization history instantly. Our immunizing pharmacists will use this information to provide a customized immunization plan for you.


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