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Med Boxes

The Tulalip Clinical Pharmacy’s medication box service can help organize your medications

  • Do you take multiple medications?
  • Are you overwhelmed by how and when to take your doses?
  • Is it hard to remember if you took a dose when scheduled?
  • Are you tired of running to the pharmacy to pick up refills?
  • Does your doctor change your medications often?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Tulalip Clinical Pharmacy’s med box service could help you.

No more hassles with the doctor’s office while waiting for refills or multiple trips to the pharmacy every month to pick up your refills. Once you start our med box service, we take care of all your maintenance medication refills.

All you need to do is exchange your empty box for a full box every week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Med box Program

Q What is a med box?
AA medication box (med box or pill minder) helps you stay organized and remember to take your pills. It is a box with separate compartments for each time of the day you take medications. One med box holds one week’s worth of pills. Many people buy these and fill them at home. As part of the Tulalip Clinical Pharmacy’s med box program, we set you up with a med box for your meds, and fill it for you. Each med box is labeled with a list of the medications that are in each compartment.
Q How does the Tulalip Clinical Pharmacy’s med box program work?
A The staff at the Tulalip Clinical Pharmacy fills a med box for you once a week. You may pick it up weekly at the Pharmacy. If this does not work well for you, ask if you qualify for our delivery program.
Q Why weekly?
A Once a week allows us to keep your medications current with any changes.
Q Is there a minimum number of prescriptions I need to be taking?
A No.
Q Is there an age requirement?
A No.
Q Is there a charge for this program?
A The cost depends upon reimbursement options available with your current insurance.
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